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Wisconsin Parents Association  http://homeschooling-wpa.org/ You can join and also get a book which highlights the “rules”. Essentially when you exit from Public school The Department of Public Education does not have many guidelines.  875 hours are required, if you were enrolled in Public school you need to submit a form to WI DPI Department of Public Instruction. There is a sheet for tracking such information under files on the Facebook group Wisconsin Homeschool support.

Some families join Wisconsin Homeschool support on Facebook look under files for resources https://www.facebook.com/groups/432680286851268/files/

Some families join Homeschool Legal defense fund https://www.hslda.org/hs/state/WI/

Annually before the first day of public school in September if the child was in school the previous year.  Annually by October 1st thereafter.

Margie Gillis of Literacy How has fabulous resources http://www.literacyhow.com/our-services/for-students-parents/

Article a Day:  http://about.readworks.org/how-to-do-article-a-day.html

Maryanne Sunderland’s page is very informative: https://homeschoolingwithdyslexia.com/

Watch Know learn.org Free educational videos:  http://watchknowlearn.org/


If you can find an experienced AOGPE  (Academy of Orton Gillingham Practitioners and educators) certified educator, a CALP (Certified Academic language Practitioner or Therapist), a Dyslexia Therapist certified by an IDA (International Dyslexia Association) accredited Unversity, or IMSLEC (International Multisensory Structured Language Council)  you will see the most consistent results in teaching a struggling reader. Other options are to learn yourself or try another program based on Orton Gillingham approaches. Be sure to understand the deficit model of your child, and carefully watch their behavioral and progress- results. Some families tutor online, you might have to see if this is a good option. One on One intervention in person, early before a child has to face failure is best. Listed below find some resources if you chose to try to teach reading yourself. Reading really is “Rocket Science” if you find you are not making progress seek help quickly! We are updating a State Tutor list, please send email to request providers in your area!

Lindamood Bell founded by two Speech pathologists is very effective Literacy training: http://lindamoodbell.com/homeschool/new-help-homeschool-families

Spell Links:http://www.learningbydesign.com/spell-links-to-reading-and-writing.html

Structured Word Inquiry: http://www.wordworkskingston.com/WordWorks/Structured_Word_Inquiry.html

Susan Barton’s program is popular: https://bartonreading.com/the-barton-system-is/

All about Spelling: https://www.allaboutlearningpress.com/all-about-spelling/

The Literacy Nest: http://www.theliteracynest.com/

Nessy products: https://www.nessy.com/us/

Reading Horizons: http://www.readinghorizons.com

Ladder Learning Services: https://atlantareads.org/about-our-methods/

Mindplay: http://mindplay.com/

Lexercize:  is another option: https://www.lexercise.com/online-dyslexia-treatment/professional-therapy


Spelling City games: http://Spellingcity.com

Home spelling http://www.homespellingwords.com/

Spelling games:  http://www.knowledgeadventure.com/subject/spelling-games.aspx


For Dyslexia resources, Digital text to speech makes all the difference in the world as your child is learning to read and as the material gets tougher, as more text is required to read the speed at which they read may be a barrier. Because your child is not reading the same amounts as non-dyslexic children give them the ramp to success, Simultaneous ear, and eye reading. https://www.region10.org/r10website/assets/File/BillKeeneySEEReadingWorkshopHandout.pdf


Digital Text to Speech with a touchscreen is great! Bookshare     https://www.bookshare.org/cms/, Learning Ally  https://www.learningally.org/ ,  Scrib’d      https://www.scribd.com/       , Amazon Audible      http://www.audible.com/t2/freetrial6?source_code=GO1GBSH08051690CG&mkwid=se9ile6BV_dc&pcrid=205365918615&pmt=e&pkw=amazon%20audible&cvosrc=ppc.google., with a  set of earbuds helps children maintain their love of learning and reading it’s just a little different.  Kids read to kids is a great new addition:   https://kidsread2kids.com/ Independence, accessibility and usually great comprehension are gained by lessening the cognitive load of decoding words and processing.



Writing in cursive has been an enormous help in legible handwriting as well as memorizing.

Diana Hanbury King Founder of Kildonan School Upstate New York https://www.christianbook.com/writing-skills-book-grades-2-4/diana-king/9780838820490/pd/372049?dv=%7Bdevice%7D&en=google&e

The logic of English has great Cursive handwriting workbooks which group  Letters which have similar stroke patterns together; it makes it easier to learn to write beautifully in cursive!  https://www.logicofenglish.com/handwriting/cursive-workbook











Learning to mastery is key.  Simultaneous VAK Visual Auditory & Kinesthetic strategies include:

Teaching Textbooks: http://www.teachingtextbooks.com/

Math U See:  https://www.mathusee.com/

Life of Fred:  http://www.lifeoffred.uniquemath.com/

App for practicing math fact fluency: https://www.reflexmath.com/

Khan Academy https://www.khanacademy.org/

Prodigy https://prodigygame.com/referral.php


NumberRock Videos:

Schoolhouse Rock Videos:


Mr. Demaio’s You Tube videos:

Great Publications from another Top Dyslexia school https://www.landmarkoutreach.org/publications/


Online curriculums:









Multisensory learning









Cram  Online flash cards   http://www.cram.com/

Quizlet https://quizlet.com/

Crash course  https://thecrashcourse.com/

60-second Recap  http://www.60secondrecap.com/

Spark notes  http://www.sparknotes.com/

University of Kansas Strategic Instruction Model Word Identification, LINC vocabulary study  https://kucrl.ku.edu/sim


DD- WI does not endorse any of the previous suggestions, use careful judgment.

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”
-Thomas A. Edison   American Inventor, Businessman, and dyslexic









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