Nearly six in 10 students in Wisconsin are not where they should be in writing or math.

Please read this heartbreaking article, WI has to think carefully how to move if we want to have college and career ready or students ready for entry level positions ,careers in the armed forces you have to have basic literacy skills- period.

What is dyslexia? And how do our brains read?

Have you heard the word dyslexia before? It’s a term used to describe when people have a hard time learning to read. It’s actually very common because reading is a fairly new skill that humans have developed.
In this episode we do a deep dive on dyslexia. We’ll look at how our brains have cobbled together the ability to read by re-purposing parts of the brain that evolved for other functions. And we’ll learn what scientists think might be going on in the brains of people with dyslexia when they learn to read. We also talk to Ann Bancroft, a Polar explorer and educator who also has dyslexia, about why getting lost can be fun.
Plus we’ll hear a new Mystery Sound and find out if mice actually do love cheese in our Moment of Um.

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Margaret Goldberg, a teacher and literacy coach in the Oakland Unified School District, and a colleague recorded first-graders talking about what makes them good readers. In this video, Mia, on the left, was in the phonics program. Mia says she’s a good reader because she looks at the words and sounds them out. JaBrea, on the right, was taught the cueing system. JaBrea says, “I look at the pictures and I read it.”