#Saydyslexia Rally July 9

Join us on July 9th after the SayDyslexia Rally!

Please RSVP to Nick@mail.house.gov

About the Congressional Dyslexia Caucus
Dyslexia impacts Americans from all walks of life, including Members of Congress, our families, and thousands of our constituents. The bipartisan Congressional Dyslexia Caucus was formed so that we can work across party lines to educate members of the public about dyslexia, as well as to identify policies that will support individuals as they overcome dyslexia and pursue educational and career opportunities.

To learn more, visit https://dyslexiacaucus-brownley.house.gov

Reading acquisition

Rhode Island: 4/3/2019: Dr. Susan Brady is Professor Emeritus at The University of Rhode Island. She is an expert in Reading acquisition and reading disabilities; cognitive factors in individual differences in reading abilities; the roles of phonological, morphological and oral language processes in literacy development and skilled reading. Her Publications, Awards, and Research can be found here: https://web.uri.edu/psychology/meet/s…


You may have heard of the schwa, you may have even seen the symbol for the schwa, and you’ve probably used the schwa when speaking. But what is the schwa?