Good morning!!! We wanted to take a minute to say thank you to each and everyone of you. We have so much gratitude for every family, educator, and professional who joined us yesterday both in person and in spirit from home.Thank you to every speaker who took the microphone and used your voice to both honor and inspire the #dyslexia community.We wanted to share and also acknowledge Wilson Language Training who donated the audio equipment. Their message to us. "All of us here at Wilson are so glad to know that everyone in your audience will now be able to hear your great message!" Thank you for your continued support! THANK YOU!!We will have many more pictures and thank yous to highlight in the coming days. Please continue to share your experiences and tag us and use the hashtag #saydyslexia we are loving every picture of the day from your point of view.

Posted by SayDyslexia Rally on Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Nobel Prize-Winning Dyslexics

Even Nobel Prize-winning scientists have a tough time learning how to read and write. There’s a whole world out there of geniuses who struggle with reading on daily basis. Kevin from Understood.org shows us how four amazing scientists overcame their daily struggles to win the highest honor in science.