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American Public Media

Margaret Goldberg, a teacher and literacy coach in the Oakland Unified School District, and a colleague recorded first-graders talking about what makes them good readers. In this video, Mia, on the left, was in the phonics program. Mia says she’s a good reader because she looks at the words and sounds them out. JaBrea, on the right, was taught the cueing system. JaBrea says, “I look at the pictures and I read it.”

Cracking The CODE

Yale researchers who have studied hundreds of kindergartners for nearly 40 years say one in five was dyslexic. But perhaps their most important finding: There is no link at all between dyslexia and intelligence. Susan Spencer reports on efforts to help those with dyslexia “crack the code,” from students at a Louisiana school catering to dyslexic children, to a new law to help the high percentage of prison inmates who have dyslexia.

US Dept of Labor acknowledges FMLA for IEP’s

In response to an inquiry from a parent, the federal agency said that employees can qualify for leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act, or FMLA, if their presence at an IEP meeting is significant to their ability to provide care for their children.